Ivalu´s Color – a novel by Nauja Lynge

Greenland, circa 2015. Three women are found murdered in the capital city Nuuk.
Ongoing issues in the country involving the desire for independence from the
Kingdom of Denmark are redirected, as race and gender recolor the
scene, and the mystery unravels in clashing graphic detail.

An intertwined story of corruption, greed, domination and sovereignty reveals
itself through the discoveries of three investigators–Russian, Chinese, and a Danish
Greenlander. The politics at hand are reenacted in the very act of investigating the
murders, revealing the Inuit of Greenland as the true and only victims of this crime.
Nauja Lynge’s novel is a call for temperance in the Greenlandic rush for independence.
The stakes involved, while potentially able to finance this sovereignty, come at a large cost.
Now is the time for careful deliberation, Lynge argues. Greenlanders will be independent,
even if within the existing structure of the Kingdom, but this can not come at the
expense of the land or the culture. Education, sharing of information, community
involvement and patience will guide us into a free, self sustaining state.

Nauja Lynge is the great granddaughter of Henrik Lund, author of Greenland’s
national anthem, and granddaughter of Hans Lynge, author, politician, painter and
promoter of increased Greenlandic independence in a time before the Home Rule
government. She left Greenland for Denmark as a child, and gradually returned to reclaim
her native identity as a Danish Greenlander. Through this journey home, Nauja has seen
the effects of cultural stereotypes affecting the economy, language and very heart of those
torn between two worlds. She has made this the core of her labors and continues to
actively work towards helping Greenlanders gain their due rights.